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Wakey wakey!

That’s the sound of our Cruise Director going for the usual morning wake up round on the boat.  At 06:45 and the boat is softly rocking with the waves of the ocean and you know you’re about to experience the best diving in Indonesia.

The first thing we do in the morning is gather around the breakfast table to have our first dive briefing.  There’s something totally magical about jumping into the ocean early in the morning to enjoy the marine life!

During the morning dive on our budget liveaboard, our chef will prepare a big breakfast with pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs, toast and a fruit platter for us to enjoy when we come back to the dive boat.  After breakfast we get relax a while before going for our second dive at another stunning dive site in Komodo National Park.

The main routine on the boat is pretty much diving, eating, relaxing and sleeping.  So, after some freshly cooked lunch you have a longer surface interval where you can choose to read a book, exchange diving memories with your buddy or take a nap either in the shade or on the sundeck.

Our dive boat is perfect to just relax in a bean bag, overlooking the stunning views of Komodo National Park.

When we feel ready, it’s time to go diving again. Diving in Komodo is unique, there’s no other place like it, and the landscape is equally amazing, some days we’ll even go on land excursions in the morning or afternoon, there are numerous islands and beaches to visit.

The evenings onboard mostly consist of delicious food (both western & local favourites), sunset watching & maybe a beer or two with a game of cards.

After a full day of diving has taken its toll, the guests are often tired and will go to bed for a good night’s sleep before doing this fantastic schedule over again.

To get a detailed itinerary of our liveaboard trips, please visit www.mikumbadiving.com

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Best Komodo Liveaboard https://mikumbadiving.com/best-komodo-liveaboard/ https://mikumbadiving.com/best-komodo-liveaboard/#comments Mon, 24 Jun 2019 04:04:38 +0000 https://mikumbadiving.com/?p=3196 The post Best Komodo Liveaboard appeared first on Mikumba Diving.


Our guest Sophie from Fiji joined one of our liveaboard trips in Komodo National Park – this is what she had to say:

Having found the best dive shop in Komodo and doing a couple of day trips with Mikumba Diving, I decided to sign up for their “Best of Central & North” liveaboard. I’ve been on a few different liveaboards in South East Asia, but yet again, these guys made me enjoy my trip so much, that I really think they are the best Komodo liveaboard you can book.

Our trip was 4 days and 3 nights, and at the end of it, I really didn’t want to leave! From the moment we joined the boat, we were made to feel like part of the family – everyone was introduced to us before we even left the harbour, even though they were busy trying to take us out to the Komodo National Park, they had time to meet the guests and welcome us to our home for the next few days, “Ratu Pelangi” – which we found out means Rainbow Queen.

We set off from the harbour, eager to get to our first dive – some of the others on the boat hadn’t been diving for a while, but that wasn’t a problem, we were going to a nice easy site for our first dive – or check dive, so we could start our Komodo diving trip.

Each day we did 3 or 4 dives, even managing to get in 2 night dives on our trip – don’t worry too much if you’ve never done one before though, there’s always an instructor on the boat to teach the less experienced people, and they have things set up so you can even take a PADI course, like Nitrox or the Advanced course as a couple of people managed to get certified on our trip. It’s definitely worth doing the PADI course in Komodo as it’s famous for its currents.

You don’t just dive Komodo on the liveaboard, there’s plenty of other things to do too. Whether you want to trek up to one of the amazing viewpoints at Padar Island or in the North, visit the Komodo dragons the area is famous for, or see the amazing sight of hundreds of “flying foxes” at Kalong Island setting off as the sun goes down, it’s not just Komodo dragon and diving trips that you’ll experience.

And then we get to the food, wherever I’ve travelled in the world, whenever I’ve been on liveaboards, the one thing that is constant is that there is always plenty of food. Some boats the food is just alright, and some it’s excellent, for me, Mikumba Diving are in the second group – both local and Western food was provided for us, with delicious snacks, and even a popcorn machine on the boat!

For certain nobody went hungry, and they catered to all tastes, even providing vegan pancakes made with coconut milk – they really did make an effort for everyone which is quite surprising seeing they are one of the cheapest liveaboards in Komodo.

If you want the best Komodo liveaboard, choose Mikumba Diving, you’ll have an amazing trip, see some fantastic things, and enjoy the best dive shop in Komodo.

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Diving in Komodo

One of the reasons our guests come here to dive in Komodo is the currents, which are well known throughout the diving world, and one of the areas to get these intense currents is in the north of the park. Usually we would recommend our guests to be a little more experienced, than when diving in the central area – the currents in the north are not for the faint hearted!

There are three sites we would normally do on a Komodo National Park day trip, whether we’re going central or north, but when we choose to go to the north, the sites we choose would typically be Castle Rock, Crystal Rock and The Cauldron – aka “The Shotgun”. These three sites are on any experienced diver’s wish list when Komodo diving – Castle Rock and Crystal Rock are similar dives, pinnacle diving, where you drop out from the rock, and left the current take you on to the exposed side, where you hook on to some rock, and enjoy the show – watching the “big stuff” hunting and feeding is and exhilarating experience!

If you’ve ever wanted to dive with sharks, these two sites are great places to do so, especially just after the full moon and new moon when currents are at their strongest. Black-tips and white-tips are regularly seen, and if you’re really lucky, you’ll get a visit from the grey reef shark too – not to be mistaken for the great white!

The other special site in the north that makes Komodo some of the best diving in Indonesia is The Cauldron, or The Shotgun. A gentle start, with a sloping coral reef, you head over to the canyon, to check out the busy snapper, you’ll then head across a huge bowl – the cauldron – formed by many years of current, where you get ready to exit through “the shotgun”! With the right current, you’ll shoot through the channel before ending up in a pristine coral garden hopefully spotting a few devil and manta rays.

All in all, having one of the best day trips in Komodo you could wish for.
With Mikumba Diving being the best dive shop in Komodo, you won’t regret choosing us to make your diving here the experience of a lifetime.

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Best Dive Site in Raja Ampat https://mikumbadiving.com/best-dive-site-in-raja-ampat/ https://mikumbadiving.com/best-dive-site-in-raja-ampat/#respond Sun, 05 May 2019 09:09:37 +0000 https://mikumbadiving.com/?p=3078 The post Best Dive Site in Raja Ampat appeared first on Mikumba Diving.


At Mikumba Diving we are lucky to operate in two of the best places in Indonesia to dive – Komodo National Park and Raja Ampat.

From May to November our Komodo liveaboard is based in Labuan Bajo, cruising around the National Park until towards the end of November when we head back to Raja Ampat. We stay there until mid April when we do the crossing back again to Flores. We call these trips “The Ring of Fire Expeditions” and they really are the trip of a life time. We travel 2000km in 20 days and we have seen everything from whales, pods of dolphins, hundreds of hammerhead sharks, erupting volcanos and dive in places where no one has dived before. This is pure expedition diving and our guests love it.

Last week we covered what we believe to be some of the best dive sites in Komodo so now we will talk about some of the best places to dive on our budget Raja Ampat liveaboard.

One of everyone’s favourites is Melissa’s Garden. This is one of the most famous dives sites in Raja Ampat with good reason – it has some of the most stunning hard corals you will ever see, pygmy seahorses, an incredible variety of reef fish and there’s also a great chance of seeing wobbegong sharks!

If it’s the big stuff you’re interested in then you have to visit Blue Magic for one of the best opportunities to dive with oceanic mantas. Here we regularly see these majestic 7m beauties hanging out while we just watch in awe. There’s also schools of barracuda, blue fin trevallies and black and white tip reef sharks to be seen.

On our 10 day Raja Ampat liveaboard trips we visit Misool, one of the largest islands in the archipelago. You will find some of the most distinctive coral reefs in Raja Ampat here with their stunning colours of different soft corals, making it look like a rainbow down there! The Misool dive sites have all different types of critters from the peculiar harlequin shrimp to the wonderful mimic octopus, the tiny pygmy seahorse and different types of ghost pipefish. We do multiple dives around here and our guests often don’t want to leave.

So, if you’re looking for a liveaboard in Komodo or a liveaboard in Raja Ampat but can’t decide which you want to do then the Ring of Fire Expedition could be the trip for you so you can cover both areas in 1 trip.

With so may options to offer you it’s no surprise people often tell us that as well as being the best dive centre in Komodo we are also the best budget liveaboard in Raja Ampat.

For our female readers out there we’ve found an interesting guide you might like from our friends at Sloactive called “The Ultimate Guide to Diving for Women” here.

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Best Dive Site in Komodo? https://mikumbadiving.com/best-dive-site-in-komodo/ https://mikumbadiving.com/best-dive-site-in-komodo/#respond Fri, 12 Apr 2019 06:49:11 +0000 https://mikumbadiving.com/?p=3047 The post Best Dive Site in Komodo? appeared first on Mikumba Diving.


What is the best dive site in Komodo?

One of the most common questions we get asked is “what is the best dive site in Komodo”. 

At Mikumba Diving we operate daily dive trips in Komodo and also liveaboards in Komodo as well as dragon tours at Rinca Island so we are in a good position to answer this question.

Most people who visit Labuan Bajo for diving have done some research and want to dive Batu Bolong.  This is one of our favourite dive sites in the Komodo National Park as it’s like diving in an aquarium.  You will be amazed here – schools of giant trevallies hunting, massive sweetlips hanging out, humphead napoleon wrasse cruising around not to mention the turtles, sharks and tonnes of brightly coloured reef fish.  We go here several times a week and never get bored.

Another favourite for both our Komodo daily diving trips and our Komodo liveaboard are the manta dive sites.  Here we have two main places where there’s an excellent chance of seeing them – Manta Point which is a 2.5km drift dive along Komodo Island and Mawan where there’s a beautiful sloping reef and several manta cleaning stations.  Our guests love hanging out with these gentle giants, watching them being cleaned as they hover over the cleaning stations or swooping by with their mouths wide open feeding on plankton, if you’re very lucky you may even see them doing their mating rituals and barrel rolling along.


With so many different dive sites to chose from it’s hard to pick favourites but Tatawa Besar is another popular one.  It has some of the best soft corals in the Komodo National Park and is another great place to see turtles, cuttlefish and much much more.  We have even had dolphins and devil rays cruising by!

Our Komodo liveaboards are typically 2 nights and 3 days or 3 nights and 4 days but for some people this is too long so we have decided to operate it as a floating hostel which stays out in the Komodo National Park and you can book just 1 night.  Or if you’re having so much fun you can also extend you trip by as many nights as you like.

Whether you chose to join our Komodo day trip boat or our Komodo liveaboard you will not be disappointed, and we hope you will agree after diving with us that we are indeed the best dive centre in Komodo!

Stay tuned for our next blog where we talk about the best dive sites you can visit on our budget liveaboard in Raja Ampat!

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Fish Facts: Moray Eels https://mikumbadiving.com/fish-facts-moray-eels/ https://mikumbadiving.com/fish-facts-moray-eels/#respond Wed, 20 Mar 2019 04:50:29 +0000 https://mikumbadiving.com/?p=3003 The post Fish Facts: Moray Eels appeared first on Mikumba Diving.


Moray eels are a firm favourite of divers, who love to encounter anything from the enormous giant moray, to the small but colourful ribbon eel.  Usually hiding in a hole or crevice during the day, they are nocturnal creatures who come out to hunt at night, when their poor eyesight is less of a handicap, and their amazing sense of smell leads them to find their next meal.

They can be aggressive looking, opening and closing their mouths repeatedly, but because of the position of their gills, next to their mouth, they have to, to force water through in order to breathe.  They might look a little scary, but they’re quite shy really, and are quick to retreat into their holes – however, if they feel threatened, they can give a nasty bite, but only as a last resort.

Morays make their home in a variety of environments, from the giant moray hiding in rocks and crevices on coral reefs, to the ribbon eel burrowing into a sandy bottom.  They are bottom dwelling fish, and it’s a real treat to see them swimming around, which mainly happens at night.

They have a powerful bite, with their sharp teeth pointing inwards, making it difficult to release something once it has been bitten.  Did you know, they also have a second set of jaws in their throat, and use these when feeding, forcing their prey down their throat with their extra set of teeth!

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Komodo Dragon and Diving Trips https://mikumbadiving.com/komodo-dragon-and-diving-trips/ https://mikumbadiving.com/komodo-dragon-and-diving-trips/#respond Mon, 11 Mar 2019 04:44:38 +0000 https://mikumbadiving.com/?p=2963 The post Komodo Dragon and Diving Trips appeared first on Mikumba Diving.


One of the biggest attractions when you visit the island of Flores, is a Komodo National Park day trip. At Mikumba Diving, one of the more popular choices for a Komodo day trip is a combination of 2 dives, and a visit to see the famous dragons.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a certified diver, or completely new, you can join us for an amazing day out. When you choose Mikumba Diving to dive Komodo, a typical day on the boat would meet at around 7am, before going to the harbour to board our day trip boat “Nusantara”. You’ll have a freshly prepared breakfast, and get some briefings about the Komodo National Park, and Komodo diving. After a relaxing first dive, maybe to see the abundance of turtles and pristine coral at Siaba Besar, you can chill out on a beanbag on the sundeck for your surface interval.

Most of our guests want to dive with manta rays, so a visit to Karang Makassar or Manta Point is where you’ll do your second dive. Here you’re just going to drift along with the current, stopping at the cleaning stations, to watch and enjoy these majestic creatures gently flapping their wings effortlessly while you take as many photos as you can. These mantas are reef mantas, so are usually seen both at this dive site and Mawan, a firm favourite of our guests when they come to dive Komodo.

After the second dive, you’ll eat a freshly prepared lunch, of chicken/tofu, vegetables and rice, with plenty of delicious fruit while you cruise over to Rinca Island to visit the dragons the area is known for. So not only will you do some of the best diving in Indonesia, but you get to see the largest lizard on earth in its natural habitat. You will go on to the island, and with a guide do a trek to learn a little about these dominant predators spotting a few along the way, and seeing the deer and water buffalo they hope to make their next meal. There’s nothing to be scared of though, people have been doing these Komodo dragon and diving trips for years!

On your trek you’ll also head up to a viewpoint, to take more amazing photos of the Komodo National Park, and its stunning scenery. Once you’ve taken in the highlights, it’ll be time to walk back down to the boat, where there’ll be more snacks and some icy cold beers to enjoy for the last part of your Komodo boat trip, as you cruise back to the harbour.

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Expedition April 2019 https://mikumbadiving.com/expedition-april-2019/ https://mikumbadiving.com/expedition-april-2019/#respond Tue, 05 Mar 2019 08:58:43 +0000 https://mikumbadiving.com/?p=2956 It’s getting closer – we only have 3 spaces left on The Expedition on 22nd April – 10th May. We’re getting excited – are you??

The post Expedition April 2019 appeared first on Mikumba Diving.

It’s getting closer – we only have 3 spaces left on The Expedition on 22nd April – 10th May. We’re getting excited – are you??

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Day Trips in Komodo https://mikumbadiving.com/day-trips-in-komodo/ https://mikumbadiving.com/day-trips-in-komodo/#respond Sun, 24 Feb 2019 08:02:56 +0000 https://mikumbadiving.com/?p=2947 The post Day Trips in Komodo appeared first on Mikumba Diving.


One of our guests was so happy after diving with us she wrote a blog for us…

It’s always been a dream of mine to dive Komodo as I’d heard it has some of the best diving in Indonesia.  As a backpacker I have to choose where and when I’m going to spend my money, because even though there’s so many amazing things to do, I can’t afford to do everything, so when I finally got the chance to head to Indonesia, Komodo was going to be one of the first places I was to visit.

I arrived on a Monday afternoon, and walked around the town of Labuan Bajo, the gateway to the Komodo National Park, with a mission to find some cheap diving in Komodo.  I had to choose whether to stay in town, and do some day trips, or if I could afford to sleep on a boat, in which case I wanted to find the best liveaboard.


There’s a lot of dive centres in Labuan Bajo and so many different offers for “day diving trips in Komodo” or “liveaboards in Komodo” that I didn’t know where to start.  Fortunately, after walking along the high street, I came across Mikumba Diving.  I was hot and bothered by this time, and walking in was like a breath of fresh air – they have air-conditioning!  And they have popcorn!  These guys were so friendly, I signed up there and then – I did all the paperwork, got fitted for equipment, and then paid for my day out – now all that was left to do was to find somewhere to eat, and get a good night’s sleep, ready to realise my dream and go diving in Komodo!

I woke up early, excited for the day ahead – it was an early start, we were meeting at 7, but luckily they made breakfast on the boat, which was scrambled eggs, toast and delicious fresh fruit – one of the best things about being in Asia is the amazing food!  After breakfast we had a safety briefing, followed by a dive site briefing, and then we were getting ready to finally dive Komodo!

It was AMAZING! Komodo diving was everything I had hoped and more – the fish life is abundant, the coral is pristine, and the currents are so much fun!  I’m an experienced diver, but still felt a little apprehensive about the famous currents, but the briefings the dive team gave us made everyone on the boat feel comfortable and safe.

At the end of a fantastic day, we sat on the boat, with a cold beer, watching the sun go down, and I felt quite happy in the fact that I had found the best dive shop in Komodo.  I enjoyed it so much that when we got back to the dive centre in Labuan Bajo I decided to sign up for their Best of Komodo Liveaboard trip leaving in a few days where we would visit some different dive sites, visit more of the Komodo National Park and see the famous Komodo Dragons.

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Komodo Diving https://mikumbadiving.com/komodo-diving/ https://mikumbadiving.com/komodo-diving/#respond Tue, 05 Feb 2019 09:13:04 +0000 https://mikumbadiving.com/?p=2911 The post Komodo Diving appeared first on Mikumba Diving.


Diving in Komodo

Did you know you can dive in Komodo all year round?

Enjoy manta trains, empty dive sites, cheaper flights & a wider range of accommodation while exploring the best of Komodo & flores during off-season.

For a few years now Labuan Bajo has been expanding & expanding and between June & august every year the town gets filled with people who want to experience the amazing diving in Komodo. Hotels get fully booked and so do dive operators and the Komodo liveaboards. But in fact, Komodo is just as good almost all year round.

The Komodo diving remains spectacular for most of the year because of its location. During peak season the central area is perfect with its crystal clear waters, many mantas and warm water (28-29 degrees). At that time the visibility is not great, and waves are big in the southern part so a lot of the operators that offers boat trips in Komodo stay up in the north. The conditions in the south gets better during the low season so many liveaboard boats take the opportunity to go down south to explore the less known areas of Komodo. With dive sites like manta alley & cannibal rock you get a lot of fish and action down there.

But this also means there are less people at the more known dive sites, which benefits everybody really. Another key factor to visit Komodo in the low season is the prices for accommodation and flights. You will be able to get flights for half price compared to high season. Mikumba Diving has special discounts during this time. Sometimes our budget liveaboard in Komodo has spots left a day before a departure and we will then offer specials in the dive shop. This is perfect for you spontaneous travellers that don’t like to plan too far ahead.

February is traditionally the rainy season here and boats don’t usually go out much but for the last week we have had beautiful weather and there’s been hardly any boats on the dive sites and we have been seeing 20-30 mantas on some dives!!

To guarantee a spot on our Komodo day trip boat or our Komodo liveaboard we do recommend you book ahead. Visit us at www.mikumbadiving.com to plan your diving holiday & we will give you the best deal.

We hope to see you here soon!

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